White teeth are something we all like to have. They affect our self-esteem and make us smile more, but we know that they can be difficult to acquire. They’re one of the most attractive qualities for a person. Clean teeth indicate good hygiene. Luckily, in this article we’ve decided to present you a natural remedy that will help you have white teeth instantly!

There are numerous whitening toothpastes on the market, but not all of them seem to help. They are full of chemicals and only damage your enamel as well as increase your risk for tooth decay. Teeth whitening at the dentist can be extremely expensive.

The remedy we’re presenting you is composed of coconut oil that will remove all the dangerous bacteria from your mouth, but also make your teeth whiter. Coconut oil contains a powerful ingredient called lauric acid. According to a study that tested over 30 fatty acids and compared their abilities to fighting bacteria, coconut oil was the one above all. It also reduces plaque. Oil pulling with coconut oil decreased plaque buildup and signs of gingivitis significantly. The study contained 60 participants with plaque-induced gum disease.

Take a look at our cheap recipe!


About ½ a cup of coconut oil

2-3 tablespoons of baking soda

2 small packets of stevia powder

15-20 drops of peppermint or cinnamon essential oil

10 drops myrrh extract (optional)


The coconut oil should be melted or slightly softened.

Mix all the other ingredients in it and stir well. If you’re using semi-hard coconut oil, make sure you use a fork. Use a spoon if it isn’t. If you are using coconut oil that is completely melted, stir several times while the mixture cools down so that you can keep the baking soda incorporated.

Transfer the mixture into a small glass jar.

Leave it to cool down completely.


Dip a toothbrush inside or use a small spoon to put a small amount on the mixture on the toothbrush. Brush your teeth as you usually do.