China is the last place you’d think of when it comes to the apple juice that you’re probably drinking in the moment – but it’s true: the juice comes from China!

It was not always like that – 20 years ago the U.S.A. had a great apple industry. But the growing Chinese apple production industry lead them to dominating the market in the US now. More than 70% of apple juice in the American market comes from China, if the stats from F&WW are to be believed, but the authorities have recognized a problem there with food (and juice) and are working to implement a new food safety law.

The FDA still claims that apple juice is safe

It is good to mention that the level of arsenic in apple juice found through F&WW-Paradigm-Empire State tests are higher than those found in tests conducted by the St. Petersburg Times. The popular Floridian newspaper has found levels of 35 parts per one billion.

Mott’s, one of the most popular American brands at least when it comes to apple juices, has not yet commented the significant level of arsenic found in their apple juice. In addition, The Food and Drug Administration which has previously warned people about consumption of foods and drinks that have arsenic more than 23 parts per billion are quiet too.

China is the largest apple producer in the world and most of them are turned into concentrate and sold in the United States. According to some experts, their apples are very bitter and that’s why it is better to create powdery concentrate. However, this process is very complicated and obviously potentially dangerous. If you take a look at the labels on fruit juices, you will notice that they list apple juice concentrate as the second or third ingredient. However, the label doesn’t show us where this concentrate comes from.

It is really illogical and even scandalous that the US government that has always claimed that the US has the highest standards when it comes to food, has ruined the business of many apple farmers only to allow import of suspicious apple concentrate from foreign countries. It is always a good idea to use locally grown apples and make raw juice.