Dr. Johanna Budwig claims that daily consumption of two ingredients may destroy cancer for a period of 3 to 6 months.

She believes that cancer can be defeated only by natural means, and presented her recipe that she claims can cure cancer.
As pointed out by the doctor, the effectiveness of these two ingredients is effective only if they are taken in combination rather than separately.
This way the phosphatides and lipoproteins that are vital in the presence of the disease are procured. If it’s in the body, the tumor cannot grow, but on the contrary, says Dr. Budwig.
Patients of Dr. Johanna Budwig have defeated cancer in 3 months.
– The people are skeptical when it comes to treating cancer, because many have suffered, and it is one pf the most lethal diseases. However I started using the recipe from Dr. Budwig and i am still alive, says 66-year-old woman.
Here is her recipe:
You need 120 grams of cheese and 45 grams of flaxseed oil. Mix these two ingredients, until they make a thick paste and drink all at once